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Geuel Sounds is a music production company that can take your ideas and transform them into something creative and unique. We are perfectionists and we pay close attention to the smallest details of our craft.

Satisfied Clients

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5-Star Rated Professional

I’m Mark Geuel – a music producer, mixer, and engineer.  I create fresh, unique
instrumentals and songs from my studio based in the Philippines.  I love all kinds of
music and have a passion for making lots of it – from rock to future-sounding
electronic, and everything in between.

I began composing and recording when I was 15 and have been experimenting with new instruments and sounds ever since. Over the past decade, I’ve taken my music from an organized hobby to a full-time career.  I work with artists, radios and other clients to help create and fulfill their musical visions, but I also have my own releases!

My intent is to create music that stands out, is instantly identifiable, and speaks to emotion.  I hope you’ll spend some time exploring the site, and if there’s a project I can help with, please get in touch!

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Our Services

Choose one of the services below or message me for custom work tailor-made just for you!

Podcasts, Radio, Mixcloud Editing

Professional, cost-efficient, and time-efficient podcast editing service, from years of experience in creating standard quality podcasts and radio commercials. 

Music Production

I can help you arrange your music and professionally record and produce them -as long as you can provide me with a sample of your own recording, or even if it’s just a simple record of your voice or a solo instrument singing the melody.

Catchy Jingles

If you need a song, a catchy jingle, or an instrumental, a score, or any type of music of any genre for whatever purpose you need.

Need Something Custom?

Let me know exactly what you need and we’ll create a service package that will suit the requirements.

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